Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I may not be your best friend
But I surely know that I always try to be the best I could be.
I may not seem to care enough
But I can feel you within my heart
I may be so cheap that the most expensive gift I save for you
Is simply being a friend?
I may not talk that much to you but you’ll find me waiting every minute just to listen to every piece of your heart saying
All my wandering years had led me to you and being your friends which are changing the face of my worlds.
From the birth to the death, in my life
I often ask my self where I might go
To make real friends
But they are not the people
I must travel to find
There are the people I take with
Because real friends are
Those who can make me believe
They never even exist

Sunday, August 30, 2009


don't say u love me,
u dun even know me,
if u really want me, then give me some time...
don't go there baby not before im ready,
not before im ready,
don't say ur heart's in a hurry,
its not like we're gonna get married,
give me some time!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Sagittarius perceives love as something very natural so it is very easy to seduce a Sagittarius who will fall in love quickly. However, keeping a Sagittarius in love is so much more difficult. When Sagittarius sees someone as the perfect partner, he/she will immediately start the pursuit, but if he/she later finds weaknesses in this person, then Sagittarius will most likely move on.

If Sagittarius is in love, her/his partner should not expect Sagittarius to express this love in many words. Sagittarius will fall in love quickly but hates it when he/she told what to do. On the other hand, nice leading and nice words will achieve a lot more. Sagittarius loves to have long talks while holding hands, talking about sentimental and spiritual topics and the finish off the day with hot lovemaking.

Sagittarius likes to say what he/she thinks right away and this can lead to problems at times. However, Sagittarius will not easily understand how he/she could hurt somone by telling them the staright truth... So a little understanding will go a long way.

Love and Elements Match

Earth: Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo
Air: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Fire: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Water: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
Earth and air: The earth represents balance and stability while the air deals more with free- thinking and ideas. The air sign provides earth a chance to fly free every once in
a while and the earth sign keeps air grounded and makes sure that any plans can
come to life.

Earth and earth: Here is one truly powerful partnership which can do a great job of building
their future and fortune, but both must remember how to relax and enjoy life
together. Earth and fire: Earth is the perfect foil for fire’s frequent bursts of
inspiration. While fire is full of dreams and ideas, earth can definitely make a
way to turn these into reality, as well as help fire stay realistic.

Earth and water: This is another match that changes and develops the parties involved. While
water can soften earth by helping it get in touch with emotions, the earth can
do its part by showing water a more pragmatic way of thinking.

Air and air: A pair of air signs is a guarantee that the union will be a true meeting of the minds
and promises to flourish through an open and honest exchange of thoughts.

Air and fire: These two can definitely make sparks fly. They complement each other by making
sure that their energy and ideas combine to bring about their plans in life.

Air and water: A very strong emotional connection will keep these two together, and make a
great team by being able to fuse the powers of both the heart and mind. Water
will allow air to be more emotionally expressive while air can show water how to
express ideas.

Water and fire: Fire can help water bubble up and be more active while water lends some
calmness to the fire element. Beware that one element should overpower the
other, however.

Water and water: Two emotionally aware signs can only make for a truly deep bond.

Fire and fire: Two fire signs coming together can be very exciting indeed. This is bound to be an
adventurous combination, but two dominant wills can also be in danger of fizzing
out, so they must learn to strike the proper balance.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

SeDiH nYe.......

tdi REDAPPLE baru je lpas ym dgn my frenz tau...
sdih nye die xdpt nk brkongsi suke n duka dgn REDAPPLE n kwn2 yg lain....
melayari kapal kami di pncak alam....huhhu.....
dlu kapal REDAPPLE berlabuh kat terengganu.....
kat trngganu 2 la REDAPPLE jmpe dgn kwn2 REDAPPLE nie....
ahli2 kpal REDAPPLE mmg ramai....ade 11 org tau.....(ina, nad, fatin, sukma, tengku, ayien, faezah, apex, abby, zetty one and only REDAPPLE la...huhuhu)
skung nie....cume tngku n zetty je yg xjoin REDAPPLE kat kapal REDAPPLE....
2morro kapal REDAPPLE da nk blayar da....so tengku pn kasila watikah perpisahan kat REDAPPLE td....korang nk tngok x watikah perpisahan yg die kasi??????????

Tengku 105: ok REDAPPLE...ko doa2kn aku yep..
aku mntak tlong sgt.if aku x msuk sne..n slagi aku x dpt keje.
aku mntak tlong sgt korg jgn cite pape lg psal bnde best yg ade kt sne..bende tu wat aku tnsion n sdih sgt..
if aku x blja lgi..jgn lupe aku tau..aku doakn korg bjaye..
nnti blja leklok..doakn aku jugak.. maybe aku dh dok di alam pkerjaan mse tu..pape pn thanx coz phm aku.. aku xkn lupekn korg.. jage dri..aku nk out dh ni.. sok kim slm kt sume.. ckp kt diorg aku syg diorg.. bye REDAPPLE..
gud luck..thanx coz jadi kawn aku..aku rndu korg sume..jgn lupe aku kt dungun ni..if ade pape jgn lupe inform tau..skt pening sume..
jgn lupe bgtau....bye............................

nie la watikah perpisahan die....huhu....
REDAPPLE doa kn gak la smoga die bhagia wlau ape pun blaku......amim....ehehehe....silap bkn amim la...(i2 name ina nye bf....hehe) AMIN...
so esk korng smua doa kn la kapal REDAPPLE ak brada dlm keadaan yg baik n slamat smpai ye....

p/s: poems 4 my frenz......love ur frenz like u love urself......


hai evryone....
ari nie REDAPPLE not feeling well la..
rasa mcm nk dmam lak...huhu..
ari nie last day REDAPPLE stay kat umah la...
it's mean REDAPPLE da kne quit la jd pnanam anggur....
coz 2moro REDAPPLE da de keje baru....huhu..

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Hai evryone..
in dis blog, REDAPPLE wanna share story bout her life and bout her friend..
which is NAMI, SOUL(She choose it), BUMBLE BEE(cuz she like it)..
actually there is 2 more.. but then Redapple cant think bout their nickname rite now..
Redapple think, this is enough for now.. Redapple gonna update later.. just wait..